About us

The Keio Gymnastics & Trampoline Team is the oldest gymnastics team in Japan. We are practicing enthusiastically daily under the support of a large number of people, aiming towards our goal of becoming accomplished in both the literary and military arts. The “connection between the people” that we can obtain in this team is not something that will end after the 4 years of university, but will become a “treasure” as a lifelong friend.


A Diversified Team

In our team, the gymnasts and the trampoline players of both high school and university students practice together. By receiving advices from different aspects, we can widen our perspectives. Though our professional events and our ages are different, we are practicing eagerly through cheering and influencing each other.

The good atmosphere

Though the hierarchy system and courtesy does exist inside the team, we are close friends even among the different ages, and we are active in a homelike atmosphere. Through the guidance of our exclusive coaches and the graduates who comes very often, we are practicing with the idea of “autonomy of students”.

The Environment

Excellent Training Facility at Japan’s Foremost Level

In the Mamushidani Gymnasium that was built in November 2009, there are equipment for all the events in artistic gymnastics, a vast pit zone, a tumbling track, and 4 trampolines for competitive use, all of which are standing constantly. It is a top-level training facility with air-conditioning installation and the most up-to-date equipment.


Japan’s Oldest Gymnastics Team

The team was established in 1902, and this year will be the 118th year after establishment. It is the oldest gymnastics team in Japan, and we are a traditional team having produced an Olympic gold-medalist in the past. We are currently continuing our activities in the Mamushidani Gymnasium that was completed in 2009. Under the support of our many graduates, both gymnasts and trampoline players are practicing eagerly daily, and are continuing to make progress.